Artist's Note

                             The Aesthetic

                                    Symbolism of Light

Without light, it is impossible for one to see.    

Although one may not see it, it is still exist.


Light is the power that streams from God to the human realm.

The power of light reflects the will of God to bless the earth, 

and it comes to the world, to nature and surroundings-

Subsequently, the light of each human being is emerged and each of us will

eventually be healed.


The light triumphs over the imperfection of non-existence and inability of one’s sight.


‘Hanji’ and ink are employed for Ink wash paintings.

If Hanji is the light, then the ink is the space where light is absent.


‘Light can be perceived only where the darkness is;

One can never understand light without the existence of darkness. 

In the course of the painting, Light reveals its existence through Hanji and ink.