About Her

洪莆日美 水墨畫風尚

Purume Hong’s Ink Style


Internationally acclaimed Korean modern ink painting artist Purume Hong will be having an exhibition in Taipei, which showcases her recent fine artworks of Oriental Mysticism at Formosa’s art scene.   



A postgraduate at Department of Fine Arts, Taiwan Normal University, her creative practice and concept in graduate school was committed to a spiritual automatism or a voluntary philosophy founded on an in-depth analysis of the subject and purpose of aesthetic expression, from thinking, knowledge, to manifestation. Her accomplishments in society are frequently achieved naturally and based on an aesthetic approach rooted in Oriental Mysticism, or a presentation of the unity of Buddhist peace and Christian love, sometimes expressed through a “Zen” nirvana, or that a spiritualization of object is oftentimes the artist’s holistic entity.



Her ink painting, although spontaneous and casual, carves solid and deep ink imprints created by a sense of profoundness and warmth. Among which, the physical and mental commitment are not random strokes resembling scattered leaves blown by a soft breeze but implemented with meticulous execution to achieve a robust and vivid totality. In particular, Purume Hong’s signature work of the landscape, delineating long slopes, mountain rocks and a narrow strip of water, paves the way to her celebrated status in the global art community. Her dedication to seek peace and stability in society resonates with her sincerity shown in creative compositions.



Purume Hong’s aesthetic implications and artificial functionality are shared criteria for a fulfilling life. The set of common factors delve beyond an intricate visual multiculturalism and metamorphose into an external manifestation of vibrant radiance. “The field of absolute subjectivism is where voluntarism is located.” In other words, she opens the gate of aesthetics through movement and activism. The artist’s creative production exhibits modesty rather than fancy and shows how conviction gives rise to strength, impacting numerous contemporaries, as well as the spirits of infinite beings.   



Her collections are projections of “clear breezes redirected by ten thousand ravines, carrying secular cries to alert beings with three strikes on the jade instrument.” Regarding contemporary and environmental issues encountered by the ink painting artist, Purume Hong focuses on creating an individual trademark in voluntary development, contributing to her reputation as an avant-garde and modern practitioner in Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan. An interpreter and a composer of ink painting with Orientalism and mystic aestheticism influences, Purume Hong’s accomplishments are admirable.  



The subtlety in the meticulous design and the majestic demeanor in the soaring skyline are projected in her aesthetic practice and concept. Purume Hong’s art show in Taipei indeed will be successful and sensational!




National Policy Advisor to the President,

Huang Guang-nan (2014.7)