BIFF Poster 电影节海报

Purume Hong Busan International Film Festival, 2012


BUSAN, South Korea – The 17th Busan International Film Festival has unveiled this year’s official poster.
The poster is based on the work of one of the greatest artists in KOREA; HONG Purume’s painting ‘Opening His Light’ and designed by BIFF Artistic director, CHOI Soondae.
The original work is a visualization of light in the beginning of time. It represents the theme of god’s “creation” and “freedom”. The “light” in the poster symbolizes the world of light recreated by the film camera and the projector. The contrast between the black ink and the void directly speaks to the festival’s dynamic force.
HONG Purume is a professor of fine arts at Kosin University in Busan. She is one of the most important artists in Korean art and is internationally affiliated with Mimesis Contemporary Art Gallery, Switzerland and LES OREADES Gallery, Moscow.

The 17th Busan International Film Festival will take place from October 4 to 13, 2012.


第17届釜山国际电影节的宣传海报以韩国女画家洪莆日美的作品“Opening His Light”原画为基础,



美不胜收韩国女画家洪莆日美的作品“Opening His Light”以太古之初照亮世界的光芒为主题创作而成。


此次与第17届釜山国际电影节结缘的韩国女画家Purume Hong现任釜山高神大学造型美术专业教授,同时还是瑞士两所画廊的专属画家,是活跃于世界美术领域的韩国画代表画家。